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Stop Ahead And Keep Right
Rail Road Crossing
Illuminated Pedestrian Crossing


  • U.L. Certified and tested
  • Legends conform to the standard FHWA/M.U.T.C.D.
  • Only 7 lbs per foot
  • Low maintenance, 5-10 years, 70,000 hrs with photocell
  • Uniform illumination one of the brightest
  • Extremely durable aluminum frame – only 2 5/8" thick
  • One of the best warranties on the market
  • Low energy consumption
  • No fluorescent bulb to dispose of
  • Able to custom design any size
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Custom brackets available


We only use the best materials

Many people have been injured with the new regulation of "turn on red". Our illuminated cross walk signs give the motorists notice that someone is in the cross walk well in advance. This saves lives!
The sign automatically powers on with pedestrian walk signal. The faces are diamond grade reflective sheeting and MUTCD compliant. Frame is only 3" thick.  Unit comes with our rugged 2 5/8" thick frame system that we use on our street signs. Signs instantaneously turn on and are virtually maintenance free. 
Another safety issue that FLN-MAR  has developed is the illumination of railroad crossing signs. These signs are developed to be installed well before the crossing for advance recognition. These units are designed like the pedestrian sign units utilizing our rugged 2 5/8" thick housing and they can be incorporated with any push button or wireless system.