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Solar Street Signs

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no box needed electrical components mount behind solar panel
Solar map of lowest sun hours of the year
Solar chart of highest and lowest sun hours of the year

NEW! Solar L.E.D. Street Signs


  • U.L. Certified and tested
  • Able to run ( 2-48" ) flag mounted signs for 12-14 hours a night.
  • Solar time clock package.
  • Turns sign on based on time clock program hours.
  • No expensive trenching necessary to run electrical lines.
  • 20 year warranty on solar panels
  • Custom brackets available
  • All sign legends conform to the standard FHWA/M.U.T.C.D.
  • We only use the best materials


FLN-MAR is proud to introduce its Solar LED Illuminated Street Name Signs.  Our Internally lit LED Street Sign incorporates our leading edge solar technology to provide maintenance free, reliable service for years.
And since our units are solar, there is no need to dig trenches and run wires for AC hookups potentially saving thousands in installation expenses.
In addition, our solar signs are free from the grid so there is electrical expense to operate the signs. The system operates automatically, switching on at dusk and switching off at daylight and charging all day.

Internally Illuminated signs have been proven to increase safety,  making signs more visible at night is one of the highest cost-benefit ratios.  Now, having  solar Internally Illuminated signs available will increase that
return due to the no maintenance and operational expenses associated with our solar system.

The FLN-MAR Solar Internally Illuminated Street Signs can be made to any length or dimension.
Our street name signs also come with 3M High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting.