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Plastic Machining & WaterJet

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Specification Options
  • Applications including Plating, Waste Water Treatment, Materials Processing, Farming, Etc.
  • Materials including PVC, CPVC, Polypropelene, HDPE, Polycarbonate and more.
  • Tanks, Tank Liners, Covers, Ventilation Systems and Plumbing.
  • Any tank can be custom made to your design requirements.
  • Tank welding repair services - here or at your facility.
  • Emergency tank repairs availble 24/7, 365 Days where applicable.
FLN-MAR is your polycarbonate safety guard solution.  We can fabricate new or repair any of your safety guard items.
At FLN-MAR, in our shop, we take safety very seriously and we know you do too.  Need safety guards fabricated in a hurry?  Give us a call. 
We can fabricate from your prints or come to your facility and evaluate, measure and then build guards to exact safety requirements.
Whether your being proactive or have been cited for a safety violation, FLN-MAR is your safety guard solution.  Contact us for more details.