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Blank Out Traffic Signs

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R10-11 No Turn On Red Blankout Sign
W33 Signal Ahead Sign
RB44 White Arrow Straight and Right Turn sign
W112M Pedestrian Crossing Illuminated Sign


  • Blankout sign has individually powered LED's. If one goes out you don't lose a whole group
  • Front panel can be ordered clear or pebble high impact textured polycarbonate
  • Frames are powder coated black or natural aluminum. Custom colors available
  • Reliable, long lasting and energy efficient
FLN-MAR manufactures a variety of blank out and enhanced signs using the latest L.E.D. Technology.
Signs are lightweight (we use aluminum frames for strength), weather resistant and have been designed for outdoor use in all kinds of weather – rain or snow and extreme heat and cold. Our blank out signs completely blank out when off. Our 24" x 24" blank out sign is only 1.5" thick and weighs in at 22 lbs.
All signs are 12V DC and include power supply for remote mounting in a control cabinet or pole base. All L.E.D.s are paralleled so if one fails the character is still legible.