V-belts and Timing Belts

Power transmission belts drive mechanical power. Their reputation for easy maintenance and low cost is dependent upon successfully selecting the belt type that is best suited for the application. FLN-MAR supplies a comprehensive selection of belts for industry including chain, drive and variable speed belts.

Flat, V, and synchronous are the three basic types of power transmission belt styles. FLN-MAR offers standard and metric V-belts, timing belts, rib belts, round belts, and flat belts, even adjustable temporary replacement belts to keep you running.


Common in transport systems such as conveyors, flat belts are used with pulleys that have “crowned” surfaces to help them maintain tracking.


V-belts utilize cross-sections that are tapered and which wedge into the grooves of V-belt pulleys. This action produces high torque and reduces slipping under heavy loads.


Faster conveyor systems commonly use round belts in pulleys with a 60-degree V-groove.


Both single-sided and double-sided timing belts feature teeth that interlock with those on the timing belt pulleys. Find timing belts in materials to meet a variety of demands, including molded urethane, welded urethane, and fiber-rich Neoprene.

Products include belt sleeves to meet customized specifications; one-piece banded v-belts to customize the number of ribs required; and custom widths of synchronous or multi-rib flat belts. Additional stock includes v-belt sheaves, synchronous pulleys and bushings.

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