Hose Protection

We take the protection of your hose seriously. Our goal is to maximize your hose life and prevent you from being down. We stock a wide range of different hose protection accessories. Whether you need to protect your hose from excessive bends or abrasion, we have a solution for you.

Spring Guard

  • Metal Spring guard is a great product that will prolong the life of your hoses that are exposed to harsh and rugged conditions. They distribute bending radii to avoid the hose from kinking along with providing protection against abrasion and deep cuts.
  • Guards are constructed of steel wire and plated to resist rust.

Fire Sleeve

  • Fire sleeve is a flame-resistant sheath that protects the hose from extreme operating conditions. Fire sleeve easily slides over hoses and readily expands over fittings.
  • Temperature Range -65° to +500°

Bend Restrictors

  • Bend restrictors is designed to limit the kinking of the hose assemblies.
  • Temperature Range -40° to +225°

Abrasion Sleeve

  • Nylon abrasion sleeve provides additional protection from your hose wearing down prematurely. One of the benefits of the Nylon sleeve is it allows the hose to move freely inside the sleeve.

Burst Containment Sleeve

  • Burst Containment Sleeves are designed to provide protection to both personnel and equipment if your hose bursts by containing both the fluid and energy.
  • Temperature range: -70° to +302°

Protection Shield

  • Protection Shield can extend hose life by protecting the hose from abrasion that occurs when hose rubs against other hose metal or concrete.
  • Temperature range: -40° to +300°

Plastic Spiral Wrap

  • Plastic spiral wrap is a black heavy-duty polyethylene shield that provides protection in rugged operating conditions. Spiral wrap is used to prevent hose assemblies from abrasion and cuts while also minimizing kinking of the hose.
  • Temperature range: 0° to +200°

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