Hose Clamps

Clamps we offer include;  stainless steel clamping systems, band and buckle, preformed clamps, hand and power application tools, stainless steel cable ties and identification systems and more. We proudly sell Ideal-Tridon worm drive and BAND-IT®  permanent clamping systems.

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

We offer stainless steel hose clamps of all sizes and functionality along with different machines to fasten your clamps. Stainless steel hose clamps provide resistance to high corrosion which is a key feature necessary for marine applications and other corrosive environments. These hose clamps are engineered to be durable for a long service life and manufactured to give you superior performance.

Preformed Clamping Systems

Quick hose clamp solutions are often created with preformed clamping systems. You have an array of systems in this category to suit your very specific needs. The spectrum includes the strongest band clamping system available anywhere, designed for quick installation with the highest clamping force and gap-free inside diameter. We also have clamping systems available which are designed to maximize leak resistance and offer the widest choice of sizes and materials. Adjustable hose clamping systems with a rack and pinion design are available, allowing you to make a hose clamp in any size with the option to reset for tension, if necessary. An adjustable style worm drive and screwdriver clamp can be made for any length you desire.

Ideal-Tridon Clamps

Ideal-Tridon Clamps are highly engineered, top-line quality hose clamps. Customers can choose from a diverse stock supply or we can design and manufacture to specific requirements. We work with our customers to develop and supply stainless steel clamps, worm drive hose clamps, high-torque clamps, constant tension clamps, T-Bolts, V-Inserts, no-hub couplings and a host of specialty and custom clamping products.

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