Custom Windows Kits and Installations

FLN-MAR now offers it’s own custom retrofit window systems.  Designed to replace standard glass windows, this multi wall, co-extruded thermal polycarbonate plastic offers safety and energy efficiency at an affordable price.

It’s impact strength maintains over a temperature range from 40 degrees to 250 degrees.

Combined with our custom made P.V.C. window frame system, which can be painted with latex paint, you can replace those old windows and save start money now.


  • Window Kits available to your specifications
  • Very light weight materials
  • Impact Resistance – 200 times greater than glass
  • R-Value of 3.79 – 3 times more efficient than single pane glass
  • UV Protection
  • Paintable P.V.C Frames
  • Breathable channels – moisture resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Custom Installations available upon request

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