Our Heritage

You may not know who we are until you encounter a production issue, but we’ve been building lasting relationships for more than fifty years. Two local entrepreneurs and partners, Harold Flynn and Jack Marcy, founded FLN-MAR Rubber & Plastics in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1969. The company name, FLN-MAR, was created from their abbreviated surnames. In addition to maintaining that name, we’ve honored their legacy by building our heritage as a distributor, fabricator and service provider that can overcome all our customers’ challenges.

FLN-MAR History and Growth

In the beginning, we supplied belts to paper mills in Holyoke. However, as the paper industry gradually moved away from the region, we diversified our offerings and ventured into other industries and types of manufacturing equipment. In the 1990s, we became a partner of Parker Products, expanding our ever-growing portfolio to include the sale of hydraulics and hoses.

No matter the challenge, our team is capable of pivoting to find a solution. We possess the flexibility to cater to any industry, situation or job, whether it involves a one-off prototype or a production run of 1,000 pieces.

The Present and the Future

Today, FLN-MAR’s products can be found in paper mills, corrugated box manufacturers, specialty paper producers, and food and dairy processors, as well as a wide range of general industries.

We’re still based in the same building in Holyoke where it all began, but we’ve undergone a significant expansion to accommodate our growth and evolving operations. While we continue to maintain strong relationships with regional companies, our business has expanded nationally and internationally, serving clients from around the globe.