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Alemite Grease Gun

Alemite Lubrication Systems

We get it: when production stops, time is money and you need the solution, fast. Look to FLN-MAR for Alemite lubrication systems and supplies to get back on line and to maintain the life of your equipment. Grease guns and accessories, control valves and fittings for automotive and industrial applications are all part of the Alemite inventory to keep you running.

Alemite grease guns are built to perform in demanding applications. Unique, innovative designs ensure excellent performance, and strong attention to quality production provides maximum durability. With the most outstanding range of products offered, Alemite grease guns and accessories will maximize your lubrication productivity.

Alemite grease gun options

Alemite grease gun options include battery powered styles which offer the highest grease delivery of any guns available, regardless of voltage. Other choices include the professional series which are known for durability; the heavy-duty models for severe conditions; high pressure options for up to 15,000 psi pressure; specialty offerings such as the pneumatic guns; and the standard duty guns. Alemite accessories are available, such as batteries, chargers, carrying strips and pressure relief valves.

Lubrication accessories from Alemite include tie-down kits that feature hand-sized knobs to quickly remove tie-down rods for easy drum changes. Accessories also include sturdy dollies, steel construction hand trucks, and lube carts that feature a pivoting handle to allow operator to manually move cart or attach to a motorized cart.

Alemite is a recognized global leader

Alemite is a recognized global leader in supplying fittings for automotive and industrial use. Alemite fittings conform to SAE J534 standards for automotive OEM use, and Alemite’s manufacturing is TS/ISO 16949 certified.